1000 Pips EA And 1000 HPP Semi Manual System

1000 Pips EA uses a trend following system as it’s core trading strategy. The 1000 Pips EA algorithm can predict the direction of the price action in the next few seconds. This EA does not need to be consistently correct on the market direction. This EA profits both when it is right as well as when it is wrong as it relies on the volatility in the market to make its trading decisions. It uses a day trading strategy that means the trades that it opens don’t last more than a day or two. This robot has been designed to trade with a low drawdown and predefined take profit and stop loss targets. But that’s not all! With this 1000 Pips EA, you also get the 1000 Pips HPP (Hand Picked Pips Semi Manual System) and 1000 Trailing and MM EA as a bonus. This 1000 Pips Trailing EA will help you with the order placement and close a portion of your position when the first profit target is reached and let the profits run on the remaining open position.

 How Does This 1000 Pips HPP Manual System Works?

This 1000 Pips HPP Manual Trading System uses a semi automated trading system that depends on intraday trading as well as swing trading. It uses Gann Levels alongwith PipsPredictor. PipsPredictor indicator is used as a help to identify those structures that affect the price action and act as centers after which the price action starts to mirror meaning move in the exact opposite direction.

1000 Pips EA is an automated forex trading system. The package contains two EA’s and the 1000Pips (Hand Picked) semi-automated software. The 1000 Pips HPP is a laser accuracy signal generator system. It uses unique Predictor Indicators with over 85% accuracy.Whatever, what we need to know is whether this system is easy to trade and does what it promises to do.

Testing The 1000 Pips EA Package

First do a back test of this system. This will help you in knowing the limitations of this system. Then do a forward test on the demo account. If both these tests are satisfactory, you can then trade live with a deposit of $300 on a micro account to get yourself further acquainted with this robot. If you don’t feel satisfied, get a refund on the 1000 Pips Robot!

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