1ClickPips Turns $1,005 into $163,624.94 in 1 Month!

1ClickPips turned a deposit of $1,005 into $163,624.94 in 1 month. The max drawdown during the month was 11.06% and the profit factor was 2.95. A profit factor of 2.95 means for each $1 loss, 1 Click Pips Forex Robot made a profit of $2.95. A few 1ClickPips screenshots have been posted by Jeffrey Montell the developer of this forex robot to prove that the trading results are real. However, it would have been a better idea to post the link to the third party site MT4i.com site. This has not been done. However you can take a detailed look at the 1ClickPips EA screenshot below:


However, these types of screenshots can be easily Photoshopped. As said above, if this robot was that good, it would have been a good idea to post a direct link to the MT4i.com site. This casts some suspicion on the performance of this forex robot. Jeffrey Montell has also posted a video where he shows the live account of 1ClickPips robot. The deposit is $1005. He installs this EA on the EURUSD H4 chart, chooses the lot size of 0.5 and slippage of 3. Then he leaves the EA on the chart and rechecks again after 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, the balance is already a staggering $68,242.41.

The important question is can you trade with a lot size of 0.5 on a deposit of $1005. Now a margin is required if you want to open a position. This margin is set aside by the broker from the deposit amount in order to cover the new open position. As the video shows, Jeffrey Montell opens a position on EURUSD with a deposit of $1005 using a lot size of 0.5. The margin requirement would be:

Margin=Standard Lot*Quote*Lot Size/Leverage

Suppose the quote is 1.3145 and the leverage is 200. In this case the margin would be around $328. The free margin or what is known as the float would be $676. If the stop loss is 67 pips, this would mean having at least $670 in the account in order to cover this loss and avoid a margin call from the broker. Now the stop loss could be 5 pips, 10 pips, 30 pips, 50 pips or even 60 pips. Jeffrey Montell does not reveal that. But using the above lot size of 0.5, it is very much possible to start trading with a deposit of $1,005. What it reveals is a very very high risk settings that he is using. The profits shown in the video are in the range of $30-$60 while the losses are in the range of $8-$10 meaning this software is going for small profits. However you can yourself watch the video and make your own judgement.

If you get interested, you can download 1ClickPips Software and test it on the demo account for one month. Use the same lot size as Jeffrey and the same amount of $1005. At the end of the month, check what was the performance. If the performance is not anywhere close to that shown in the video, you should go for a refund.

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