4X ATM Forex Robot By Alex Polenko A Russian Programmer!

4X ATM is a forex robot that has been developed by a Russian programmer Alex Polenko who happens to be a full time forex trader and whose sole income comes from trading the currency market. 4X ATM is another example of the programming skills of  Russian programmers. In recent years, Russians have made a name for themselves all over the world in fields of mathematics and programming. A number of highly accurate financial market prediction formulas have been developed by Russian mathematicians. Alex Polenko has got an offical endorsement from William Morrison, the developer of the Million Dollar Pips robot. According to William Morrison he has seen the strategy and the inner working of this EA and he thinks that this EA has got incredible potential. You can take a detailed look at the testing reports posted by the developer Alex Polenko on his Forex ATM. The following is a screenshot of one of the results posted by Alex on the third party verified site myfxbook.


As you can see the monthly return is around 22% while the drawdown is around 11% which is just slightly above the generally accepted max drawdown of 8%. This is a non EURO based robot and interestingly it uses a simple trading strategy. Non EURO based means it does not trade any currency pair that involves the EURO on either side. It trades primarily USD/CAD, AUD/CAD, AUD/USD and the USD/JPY pairs on the M15 and the H1 timeframe.

Trading on the M15 timeframe provides more signals but there is less noise on the H1 timeframe and many professional traders love to trade this timeframe. There are many new traders who look for a titanium coated trading strategy. You will be surprised to learn that this EA uses a simple trading strategy that is based on moving averages, PSAR and of course price action. This simple strategy has been beautifully programmed into this robot.

There is a full month of no questions asked money back guarantee. If you get interested, you can forward test this robot on the demo account for three weeks. After three weeks, check what was the performance. If the return is low and the drawdown is high, simply get a refund. However if the performance is good, you should further test it on a live account with a deposit of $200-300.

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