A.M.B.E.R The Commodity Code Automated Multicommodity Binary Earning Robot Made 570% Gain in 1 Year!!

Discover the Commodity Code. A.M.B.E.R (Automated Multicommodity Binary Earning Robot) Software is an automated gold, silver and oil income solution. There are now many gold, silver and oil trading robots now available in the market. What makes A.M.B.E.R different is that this software has been developed by the famous FAPTurbo Team. FAPTurbo is still considered to be one of the best forex robots in the market. It was introduced in the end of 2008 and since then has been making consistent return each and every month. Today there are more than 80,000 FAPTurbo users in the world. FAPTurbo team is considered to be one of the best forex software developer team.

The Commodity CodeThis time they have turned their attention to the gold, oil and the silver market. Last year gold prices had made a phenomenal march upward by reaching the historical high of close to $2,000 per ounce. Since then gold prices have retreated. The market fundamentals have not changed. It is being predicted that the gold prices will again start marching up. It doesn’t matter whether the gold price marches up or down. You can still make money both ways with the A.M.B.E.R software.

The Commodity Code AMBER Software Made A Gain Of 570% Over A Deposit of $100K in 1 Year!!

A.M.B.E.R SoftwareFAPTurbo team seems to have circumvented the huge spreads issue that plagues the commodity market. By paying these huge spreads you lose a large chunk of your earning. After solving this huge spreads issue, AMBER Software produced a gain of 570% in less than 1 year of live trading. You will also be given full access to the Commodity Code trading account for oil that started with $100K and now stands at $170K. In the same manner, you will also be able to see how the Commodity Code trades silver. Commodity Code Silver Module started trading with a deposit of $100K and now stands at $297.393K. The flagship module is of course the gold module that produced a gain of 570% in less than a year on a deposit of $100K. Unlike most other trading software developers who post the demo account results or backtested results, you will be able to see the real money live trading accounts of AMBER software with your own eyes. Trading with a deposit of $100K shows the level of confidence the developers have on their software. This is how AMBER works.

A.M.B.E.R Level 1: The Commodity Code Trading Station gathers the gold, oil and silver quotes from the different banks and looks for patterns in the price movement in these markets. When there is a price pattern forming that can move the market big, a trading signal is generated. This trading signal is then The Commodity Code Trading Station transmitted to the level 2.

A.M.B.E.R Level 2: A team of master traders then analyze that price pattern. This team of master traders is led by Anthony, Ronald and several other professional traders who make a decision whether this is a profitable trading opportunity or not.

A.M.B.E.R Level 3: Once the trading signal gets approved, it reaches your MT4 terminal instantly and gets executed. So you don’t have to worry at all. All the trading signals that get generated by the Commodity Code System first get vetted by a team of professional master traders. Once the signal is approved, it only then reaches your MT4 terminal and gets executed.

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