Arbitrage FX Robot By Steven Tornsten!

Arbitrage FX Robot works best when the spreads are low like 0.5 pips or when the spread is fixed to 1-1.5 pips. Arbitrage FX Robot basically uses scalping to make pips. It can produce profit even with spread as wide as 3 pips. But higher than that, it becomes difficult for it to stay profitable. This is the problem with many scalping robots. They are only profitable when the spread is low. So make sure that the broker that you trade with has a low spread before you try this robot. Arbitrage FX Robot turned a deposit of $2K into $1.33M in just 28 months of live trading. Below is a screenshot of the Arbitrage Forex Robot account!

Arbitrage FX Robot

Now the developer of this robot Steven Tornsten has provided investor password access to a number of accounts. Some of them are live while others are demo accounts. You can view those accounts using the password. Below is another screenshot of this robot in action!

Arbitrage Forex Robot

The drawdown is very low. It is just 1.3% while the daily return is 28%. Seems to be amazing. The price of this robot is very high. Steven Tornsten says that there is no refund. The risk is on you. Since there is no refund, you have to be very careful in making the purchase decision. If you are really interested in getting this robot, do a thorough check before you make your decision. Check all the accounts with the investor passwords and see how much the return is.

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  • morteza

    March 12, 2014

    Hi Good day., I’m tired of losing all the money I lost.’s Just $ 100 cash in my account. Looking for a profitable robot am.’s A robot, I’m just profit., If you or someone you friend could give me a message.Thank you.’m waiting for your

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