Auto Forex Wealth Turns $1K into $1.06M in 3 Months For James Goode!

Auto Forex Wealth Software turned $1,000 into $1,068,815.10 in 3 months from James Goode. Then there is another third party verified Auto Forex Wealth robot statement that shows a deposit of $250 turning into $1,010,883.20 in just 4 months starting from August 1st, 2011. The max drawdown was 10.25% and the daily gain made by this Auto Forex Wealth Software is a whopping 183.8424%. These two Auto Forex Wealth live trading statements images appear to be photoshopped. We are not sure. But the tall claims being made about the Auto Forex Wealth live performance makes us suspicious. It would have been a better idea to put a myfxbook or the MT4i third party verified live statements on the site as a proof if this forex software is really that good instead of putting live statement images that give the suspicion of being photo shopped.

James Goode has a story to tell about his Auto Forex Wealth software. How he got it and then how he reprogrammed it with the help of a programmer into something very powerful. Whatever stories and claims James Goode is making maybe true or it maybe untrue. The only way to know that is to test this Auto Forex Wealth robot yourself first on a demo account and then on a live mini account. It has got a 60 days no questions asked money back guarantee.  James Goode is offering this:

Main Product  Auto Forex Wealth AFW Software
Auto Forex Wealth AFW Pro
Auto Forex Wealth AFW: Unltd Access

You can test drive this forex software RISK FREE for 60 days on your demo account and see whether it is really that good as claimed by James Goode. Download it and if it turns out to be forex crap, simply go for a refund. Don’t forget to go through, “The Right Side Of  The Trade”, that you will get as an exclusive bonus when you download Auto Forex Wealth. For the first one month, forward test this forex software on your demo account and see what was the daily return made and what was the overall monthly return. After one month, you can make a judgement whether this is something that is going to work on a live account or not. If the one month forward test performance is not good, simply go for a refund. If the performance is good, open a mini account with a deposit of $250 and trade live with Auto Forex Wealth for one more month.

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