Auto-FX Insider How To Guide On Setting Up Automated Forex Systems!

This Auto-FX Insider report is a comprehensive how to guide on setting up automated forex systems. Don’t miss reading this Auto-FX Insider definitive report on setting up your own low risk automated forex systems. This Auto FX Insider guide has been written by Brad Wajnman. Since 2008, forex robots have been marketed as the holy grail of trading. According to Brad Wajnman, he found 375 forex robots on sale on the internet. He tested 70 out of them. Only a handful of them worked. Most of them didn’t work in the long haul meaning 1 year. But some did work as said above. Below is the screenshot of a robot that did make some money in a period of 1 week.

Auto-FX Insider

Now you might have also been burned by a forex robot and you might be not willing to try another forex robot. However, there are basically 3 ways to trade forex automatically.

1. One is the EA or what we call in the popular jargon a forex robot.

2. Auto Traded Signal Services. This is the second option. A pro trader sits on his computer and trades forex. His MT4 account is connected to your MT4 account through a trade copier software. So what trades he makes are instantly copied onto your trading account. This method is considered to be better than trading with a forex robot. At least there is a human trading unlike a forex robot that trades blind not knowing what is happening to the market. Many pro traders also use this second method of automated trading to keep an edge in the market.

3. The third automated trading option is to use a Managed Forex Account. You deposit the money in a trading account and give the trading firm the legal permission to trade on your behalf. In return they charge a certain fee for trading your account. The trading firm employees a pro trader. He or she makes the trades. Your account grows by a certain percentage and the trading firm keeps a certain percentage of it. You get the remaining percentage. This is how the managed account works.

Now the hard work has been done for you in this Auto-FX Insider Guide written by Brad Wajnman. He has blown many of his accounts and through trial and error learned what works and what doesn’t work. This is what you will find in the Auto-FX Insider Guide:

  •     A portfolio of managed accounts, some of which that consistently average over 120% per year.
  •     An inexpensive EA that’s produced over 2,734% Net Profit since 2009.
  •     A conservative long-term EA that consistently averages up to 4% per month with low drawdowns.
  •     A managed account that’s averaged over 10% per month for almost 3 years.
  •     A one-stop shop that continually tests and lists the world’s best auto-trade signal service providers.
  •     And more…

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