BreakoutEA Can Turn $250 Into $10.7 Million in 6 Years!

BreakoutEA is a new forex robot that has been launched by Adam Johnson. BreakoutEA according to the developer Adam Johnson utilizes a unique breakout strategy that determines the proper timings for a channel breakout. Once the breakout takes place in whatever direction whether up or down, this EA trades it without worrying about the whipsaw. This EA uses an advanced trailing stop that is based on the market movement. Take a look at the following screenshot!


As you can see this is a third party verified account screenshot of this BreakoutEA. In 2 months, this EA was able to turn $1.5K into $5.491K. The monthly gain was 28.17% and the drawdown was only 4.35%. The performance of this robot during 2 months of live trading was good. BreakoutEA was able to turn a deposit of $250 into $10.7 in 6 years during backtest which can be a good starting point. It’s performance on a live trading account is also good.

This EA can trade both EUR/USD as well as GBP/USD. The winrate is 90% which is very good. IT does not use Martingale, so you can trade safely with it without blowing your account. This is what you can do if you are interested. Download it and first test it on the demo account for a period of 1 month. If the performance is good, you can make a small deposit of $200 and start trading live with it. However, if the performance of this BreakoutEA is not good on the demo account, simply get a refund.

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