Championship Forex Trader Robot By Patrick Doucette!

Championship Forex Trader Robot has been developed by Patrick Doucette. Patrick Doucette was watching the EURUSD 1M charts some months back, when he noticed a particular price action pattern repeating over and over again. Patrick grabbed his programmer and showed him that particular price action pattern repeating over and over again. His programmer then created this Championship Forex Robot. Championship Forex Trader Robot backtesting results with a modelling quality of 90% posted by Patrick shows a deposit of $1K turning into $3.8K in 3 months. Recent live trading results from 12/7/2011 to 12/13/2011 show a profit of $717 made on a deposit of $10K in these 7 days. You can trade live with this robot starting with a deposit of $500. You can watch this backtesting video. This is a good video where Patrick also explains the limitations of backtesting results:

You can also watch this Championship Forex Robot recent live trades video made by Patrick.

Just like any other robot, the performance of this robot can depend on the broker that you trade with. This robot provides User Adjustable Risk Percentage Management, User Adjustable Take Profit and Stop Loss.

Testing Championship Forex Trader Robot

First do your own backtesting with 99% modelling quality. Backtesting can always be a good starting point. It can tell you how well this robot could have traded in the previous markets. If you feel satisfied with the backtesting results, do a forward test for a period of 1 month. Championship Forex Robot comes with a 30 days no questions asked money back guarantee period. So, you can do the forward test on the demo account for a period of 1 month. At the end of the month, see how well the robot performed. If you see that the robot did not perform well especially if the max drawdown was high, simply go for a refund. And in case, you get good results on the forward test, make a deposit of $500 and start trading live with the Championship Forex Trader Robot!

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