Forex Best Secret Robot By Rita Lasker Has A Win Rate Of 96%!

Forex Best Secret Robot is the latest new forex robot released by Rita Lasker and her team of programmers. Forex Best Secret Robot trades the currency pairs EURUSD and GBPUSD on the M5 charts. Forex Best Secret Robot has been developed using the S.T.T (Self Training Technology). S.T.T is an algorithm that let’s the robot learn from it’s mistakes. According to Rita Lasker, backtesting Forex Best Secret Robot won’t give any real idea about the capabilities of this robot. Since this robot uses the Time Control Points on the MT4 charts and corrects it’s own work based on the information received from these points. It is impossible to model these Time Control Points as twice a year there is a switch from and to the daylight saving times, backtesting this robot is notgoing to give any real idea about this robot.

During global economic upheavals, there is high volatility in the market. This robot has been programmed to work under high volatility conditions. Forex Best Secret Robot consists of 4 modules. Ignition Module is responsible for opening initial trades using a few indicators. The Training and Prediction Module collect data for analysis based on these initial trades. Later on this Ignition Module is deactivated and orders are only opened and closed based on the signals received from the Training and Prediction Modules. The fourth module is the Execution Module that is responsible for opening and closing of orders as well as placing the Stop Loss and the Trailing Stop.

Expect the Forex Best Secret Robot to make at least 1 trade in 2-3 days. The average win/loss ratio is 96% and the profit factor is 17.4 which is quite good. Rita Lasker is giving no questions asked 30 days money back guarantee period. So, you can test this robot for 30 days and see if it is going to work for you or not. The best way to test this robot is to first forward test it for a period of two weeks.  The forward test results shown by Rita Lasker show that on a deposit of $5K, this robot made a profit of $2,804 in 2 months. It made a total of 50 trades during these two months. 48 trades were winners and only 2 were losers. Gross loss on these 2 trades was $161.

Expect to make a profit of $1,000-$2,000 per month on a deposit of $5K trading with 1 standard lot. Now, you need to do your own forward testing for a period of 2 weeks at least before you make a decision whether to to further test it on a live micro account or simply go for a refund.  If you get good results with the Forex Best Secret Robot during the forwartd test, you can open a micro account and further test this robot for two more weeks and if it doesn’t give a good performance, you can go for a refund on Forex Best Secret Robot.

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