Forex Blue Box Robot By Rita Lasker!

Forex Blue Box Robot has been developed by Rita Lasker. Forex Blue BOX is a reliable and a stable trading system that does not gets affected by the crisis or defaults. So, without much risk you can make upto 1,000 pips with this Blue BOX robot. Imagine making a low risk 1000 pips each and every month. Just trade with one standard lot. On a standard lot 1 pips is equal to $10. So, making a low risk 1000 pips each and every month means making $10K per month.

As a forex robot trader, your prime objective should be stability with minimal risk even if this means lowering of profits. This is exactly what Rita Lasker and her team of programmer from the GreenForex were able to achieve. There is a Forex Blue Box Informer available as well. This is for those who are more comfortable with manual style of trading and don’t want to trade automatically. So, you can trade this trading system manually as well as automatically. Forex Bluebox will practically allow you to make around 50 pips daily. It trades two lucrative pairs EURUSD and USDCHF on the M15 charts.

Forex Blue BOX Main Features

This EA is based on the famous Big Dog Strategy. But it utilizes a very simple filter that blocks the false signals when trading with this Big Dog Strategy. This EA is completely trend independent and makes trading decisions based on two indicators. So, it will work and make trades whether there is a trend or no trend in the market. This EA on average will be making 2 trades daily. Practically expect to make on average 50 pips daily. Making 50 pips daily means 250 pips weekly and 1000 pips monthly. Not bad, huh!

Forex Bluebox Live Trading Results

In six weeks of live trading, it made 569 pips on the EURUSD pair and 204 pips on the USDCHF pair. This totals into 773 pips. So, if you had a deposit of $5K and traded one lot with this EA, you could have made $7,730 in 1.5 months. On the other hand, if you had a deposit of $10K and traded two lots with this EA, you would have made $15,460.

Testing Forex Blue Box EA

However, it doesn’t mean that you should start with a deposit of $5K. You can start with as low as $300-$500 while trading with this expert advisor. In that case use the Lot Sizes of 0.1-0.5. First test it on your demo account for a few weeks. You can try Forex Blue BOX RISK FREE for 30 days! Now, if you want to increase the profits by 20% while trading with this system, you can combine it with Forex Trailingator.

Forex Trailingator is another product developed by Rita Lasker that automatically installs the trailing stop loss, a feature currently not available with present MT4 platform default features. But you will have to trade manually with this Forex Blue BOX if you want to do that!

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