Forex Bullet Proof Robot By Steve Carletti!

Forex Bullet Proof Robot is a low risk safe robot that has been developed by Steve Carletti and his team Mike and Uli. Steve Careletti is a self made forex millionaire and is well known in the forex community because of his famous FAPT robot. Forex Bullet Proof has been developed with the intention of providing a safe low risk return of around 5-10% per month. You might be put off with this low monthly return but keep this in mind: high yield robots do not work and most of the time are risky. Compare the high yield robot with this low risk robot that has been making a safe low risk 5% return per month on average for the last six years on a live trading account. Do the maths, this 5% monthly gain translates into a gain of 60% per annum which is not bad, huh!

So, the hallmark of this Forex Bulletproof EA is that it is a low risk EA that trades the lucrative pairs EURUSD and USDJPY that are practically offered by almost all the brokers with very low spreads. Plus this robot trades during the market hours when the liquidity is the highest in the market, so your trading cost will be very low when trading with this EA. It has many amazing features like almost over 4,000 lines of code has been used in its programming. Now, compare this with just a few hundred lines of codes that are used in most of the other robots. What this means is that this is a pretty sophisticated robot that can auto adjust trades to evade errors if a news release hits the market plus as said above this robot has almost zero liquidity issues.

The Forex Bullet Proof Addons

Now, Steve Carletti is a clever person who knows that some traders would not feel content with making a safe low risk 5% return per month. So, he has provided a few addons like the High Voltage Addon and the Market Dominator Addon. Let discuss these two little gems in detail and see what they are designed for.

High Voltage Addon

This High Voltage Addon is a high risk/high reward trading robot that can easily double your trading capital in a matter of weeks. Now there is a 72% chance of doubling your deposit with this High Voltage Robot in a matter of just few weeks. You are the one to decide if you want to take this risk of losing 38% while trading with this robot. A safe strategy would be in case you are able to double your account with this high voltage ea, siphon off the gain to a new account and start trading it with the Forex Bulletproof while again try to double the base capital with the high voltage addon.

Market Dominator Addon

Market Dominator Addon is for those traders who want to trade manually in addition to automatically. Market Dominator Addon is a set of trading systems that had made gains like 1000% in one month in a recent real live trading forex competition. Now, you can trade with these market dominator addon manual trading systems as well if you want.

Testing The Forex Bullet Proof Robot

As always, first step is testing this Forex Bulletproof EA thoroughly on your demo account. This testing will help you become thoroughly familiar with this robot. Do a back test as well as a forward. Once, you have thoroughly mastered this robot on your demo account, only then think about trading live with this robot.

Live Trading With The Forex Bullet Proof EA

Now, the good thing is that you only need a deposit of $450 in your account if you want to trade live with this robot on the EURUSD pair. This robot works very well on the EURUSD pair so that is the first pair that you should try to trade live with this robot. Once, you get good results with this pair you can think about trading both EURUSD and the USDJPY pair but for that you need a deposit of $4000. If you need help in getting the best settings for Forex Bulletproof Robot, you can take help from the Forex EA Lab! Whatever, Forex Bullet Proof is a good robot!

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