Forex Cash Multiplier Robot Turned $2K into $468K in 4 Months!

Forex Cash Multiplier Robot turned $2,000 into $468,988.61 in 4 months for a flat broke minimum wager James Starrow who used to live in a one bedroom flat. Forex Cash Multiplier Robot works on the following six currency pairs USDJPY, USDCAD, EURCHF, EURUSD, GBPUSD and EURGBP. There are a number of backtests also posted to prove that if you had trade with this forex Cash Multiplier Robot for a period of 5 years starting from 2005 to 2010, you could have made millions.

Testing Forex Cash Multiplier Software

Always take the performance results posted by the developers with a pinch of salt. Take a deep look at these results. Do your own testing and try to figure out the true worth of the robot. It can be a good robot or it can be another scam. But don’t get scarred. Testing will reveal everything. Once you take a deep look at this robot and the back testing and live trading results, you might get tempted to try this robot. If you had read our earlier posts on the MaxEDD software developed by Uriel Katz that separates a good robot from the bad robot, you might want to test this Forex Cash Multiplier EA with MaxEDD. MaxEDD Forex Robot Auditor Software will instantly tell you that this robot is a good one or just too dangerous to trade live with your hard earned money.

Suppose, you get an OK report from the MaxEDD Forex Robot Auditor Software, in that case you should do your own backtest of this software with 99% modelling quality. This 99% modelling quality will expose many things that don’t appear on a 90% modelling quality backtest. You can also use the MaxEDD Software to find the best settings for this Forex Cash Multiplier Software.

If this software passes the backtest as well as the MaxEDD test, put it on a forward test for a period of one month with the best settings suggested by MaxEDD. Again, if it works during the forward test, you might want to trade live with it. Open a micro account with a deposit of $250 and trade live with this robot for a period of one month. If you get good results, keep it otherwise get a refund from the developers of Forex Cash Multiplier!

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