Forex Cleaner Robot Trades On EUR/USD Pair M30 Chart

Forex Cleaner Robot has been developed to trade on the EUR/USD 30 Minute chart. Forex Cleaner is not a scalper robot. It sells at the top and buys at the bottom and uses ATR, moving average and Bollinger Bands combined with a price analysis algorithm. It is not a spread dependent robot as it uses open prices only. This is something good as in live trading broker can change the spread plus the execution time can be high and there are some brokers that don’t even supply high quality feeds.

Forex Cleaner Robot overcomes this problem by trading only when a new candle is formed. Since it trades on M30 chart, the time interval between two candles is 30 minutes so there is sufficient time for the order execution even if the broker server is laggy. It can trade with spreads as wide as 2 pips but if you choose a broker with lower spreads, Forex Cleaner will be even more profitable. Forex Cleaner is NFA complaint as it opens only one trade at a time. Expect to make one trade daily on average. But there can be days when no trade will be opened. Stop loss can be between 10-135 pips  and take profit can be between 5-250 pips.

Forex Cleaner works in any market condition. The problem with scalper robots is that they mostly trade during the time when the market is quite like the Asian market session. However, this robot trades in all market conditions. It uses a breakdown strategy and the stop loss and the take profit are both dynamically adjusted in accordance with the market volatility. In a ranging market, the stop loss and the take profit can be between 20-60 pips while in the trending market, take profit can be as high as 250 pips. Overall, trades opened by Forex Cleaner robot have an excellent risk/reward ratio.

Testing Forex Cleaner Robot

As always, first backtest Forex Cleaner Robot with a modelling quality of 99% on the EUR/USD M30 chart. If you get good backtest results, do a forward test. In case, you are not satisfied with the backtest or a forward test, get a refund. The good thing about Forex Cleaner Robot is that it can trade on a micro as well as mini account. So, if you are satisfied with the backtest as well as the forward test, you can open a mini account with a deposit of $250 and trade live with Forex Cleaner using a risk level of 2%.

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