Forex Crescendo Robot

Forex Crescendo is a trend trading robot that has been developed by Mark McRae with the help of Andrea Salvatore, a world renowned programmer. Andrea Salvatore has been the top programmer of the Verisign Team. You must have observed this Verisign logo on a number of high profile websites. Now, this Forex Crescendo Robot made 9,999 pips in under 8 months for Mark McRae. If you don’t know Mark McRae, he is the man behind the famous Surefire Trading Challenge that is now considered to one of the biggest online forex trading competitions in the world. Download this Forex Trading System FREE that made 1,306% in 1 month of Surefire Trading Challenge. So, Mark teamed up with Andrea Salvatore top programmer of Verisign team to develop this Forex Crescendo EA.

Forex Crescendo EA Made A Gain Of 132.33% in 8 Months

A gain of 132.33% roughly translates into a monthly gain of 16.5%. Now for a trend trading robot like this Crescendo EA making a gain of 16.5% per month with very low risk is not bad! The closed trades drawdown has been 5.31% which is quite good (as long as the drawdown is less than 8% consider it to be good). This robot had only 1 losing day out of 160 trading days. It did not have any losing week or any losing month and as said above it made 9,999 pips in 8 months.The Profit Factor was 2.55. A profit factor of 2.55 means that the gains made by this robot were on average 2.55 times larger than the losses.

There are a number of traders now who have traded with this forex robot profitably on their live accounts. Expect something like a gain of 100% or more in a period of 12 months. Making a gain of 100% in 1 year with low risk is not bad when you compare it with other risky investments. Now this is important, in order to trade live with this robot, you need a balance of at least $1,000 as equity in your trading account.

Testing Forex Crescendo Robot

As always if a robot has been working for other people, it doesn’t mean it will start working for you right away. Testing a forex robot helps you get familiar with the way the robot trades. This is very important. You need to become thoroughly familiar with a forex robot if you want to trade live with it. Tweak the settings a little bit and see if you get an improved performance. As this robot has got a money back guarantee of 60 days, you can test it thoroughly on your demo account for a period of two months.  You can even contact Andrea Salvatore via email, live chat or Skype, so you should have no problem while testing Forex Crescendo.

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