Forex Cruncher By Forex Strategy Creators!

Forex Cruncher is a premium trading robot that has been developed by the Forex Strategy Creators team. Forex Cruncher made a gain of 300% in 4 months. Most EAs are based on martingale or grid strategies that keeps on adding to the loss. Similarly trading systems based on lagging indicators simply don’t work. Now Forex Cruncher is a totally different. It opens only 2 trades max at one time. The stop losses are very tight so no big drawdown can happen. Forex Cruncher uses a unique breakout algorithm that only uses price action to trigger the trades.

Forex Cruncher

This is the screenshot of a backtest that has been posted by the Forex Strategy Creators team. The backtest shows that the risk/reward ratio of this system is 1:2 meaning for every 2 losses, you only need 1 win to recover the loss. The money management system that has been programmed into this robot makes sure that the account grows in a stable and a safe manner without taking huge drawdowns.

Now this is what you should do. Download this Forex Cruncher Robot and install it on your demo account. Make sure you have done the installation correcly. Otherwise there is no use of this test. Once you have done the installation correctly, you should let it run without any human intervention for a period of at least 2 months. After 2 months check what was the performance of the robot. If the robot had been trading well during these 2 months without any human intervention whatsoever, you can plan to start trading live with it.

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