Forex Diamond EA By The FXAutomater Team!

Forex Diamond EA is being released by the famous FXAutomater team the developer of the WallStreet Forex Robot. Forex Diamond EA has been specifically designed to trade with 3 proven and tested trading algorithms:

1. Trend Retrace Signals Strategy
2. Counter Trend Strategy
3. Counter Trend Scalping Strategy

Forex Diamond EA

According to the developers, Forex Diamond EA is a comprehensive high performance forex trading system. Forex Diamond EA can be set to use anyone or all of three above trading strategy meaning it can adapt to any market conditions. This is something truly amazing. A robot with a recovery factor of 20+ is consider to be exceptional. 20+ Recovery Factor means the winners are 20 times the size of the losers. So you can well imagine when the developers claim that their new Forex Diamond EA has a Recovery Factor or 40+, how much powerful this EA is.  A Recovery Factor of 40+ means this robot makes winners that are 40 times the size of the losers. So practically it wipes out all losers in one single trade.

The developers of this EA are releasing this robot in the next week. They have promised that when they will release their robot, they will provide the third party verified live trading results as well. So this is what you will do when this robot is released. Download it and put it on a forward test on the demo account. Let it run uninterrupted for one month on the demo account during the forward test. If the results are good, you can trade live with this robot. Otherwise simply ask for a refund.

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