Forex Growth Bot

Forex Growth Bot from Eugene Lipinsky is getting good recommendations for different forex robot traders. Forex Growth Bot is a low risk robot that is ideal for new forex robot traders. It turned $250 into $1640.36 in just 3 months giving a gain of 556%. But that’s not all! It turned $250 into $3522.82 in about 10 months giving a gain of over 1000%. Eugene Lipinsky has posted the third party verified myfxbook live account statement that shows a total gain of 1117.4%, a daily gain of 4% and a monthly gain of 121%.

You need to take detailed look at the live trading account statement posted by Eugene. It shows a drawdown of 22.61%. This max drawdown over the period of 10 months is very high. What it means is that at one point in time, the equity in the trading account went down almost 22%. But this also proves another point that Forex Growth Robot is a very good robot. Despite such a high level of drawdown, it was able to stay profitable and make monthly gains of 121%. So, whenever you take a look at a new robot, take a deep look at the live account statement statistics. These statistics can be deceptive on the face of it. You will need to learn how to interpret them correctly. When you combine the high drawdown figure with a high gain made by this robot in live trading, an amazing realization dawns on you. Forex Growth Bot is a very good robot that was able to suffer a high level of drawdown but still recovered and made a high gain.

Testing Forex Growth Bot

As before, you should first test this EA on your demo account. You can safely do that since it has got a 60 days no questions asked money back guarantee. Do a backtest as well with the Strategy Tester. Go through the backtest as well as the forward test report. This will be a good training for you. Tweak the setting here and there to see if you get improved results. Once, you have thoroughly tested it, it is time to do some live trading.

Live Trading Forex Growth Bot

You don’t need a lot of capital to trade with Forex Growth Bot. Just deposit $250 in the micro account and fire this robot. Worse come to worse, you will lose this $250 deposit. But if you have done the testing well, then the chances are this will never happen. If you get good results with the deposit of $250, trade with a deposit of $2500. But you wont need to do that as this robot has the feature that allows you to reinvest the profits, so with $250 initial deposit you will be fine. If you have properly optimized Forex Growth Bot, you will get very good results!

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