Forex Illuminati Robot Turned A Deposit of $1.5K into $1.3 Million!

Forex Illuminati Robot turned a deposit of $1,500 into $1.352 million from Jan 2007 to August 2011 in around 4 years. The monthly gain was 11.29% and the max drawdown during this period of 4 years was only 3.82% which is quite good. Forex Illuminati team comprising of 9 forex traders has also posted a monthly return made by Forex Illuminati in 5 years of live trading. The risk setting used by Forex Illuminati team was 1%. You can take a detailed look at the Forex Illuminati month by month performance. No month had a negative return. The lowest return made by Forex Illuminati Robot in 5 years of live trading was 0.03% and the highest return made during these 5 years of live trading was 25.79%.

Nothing compares with the live trading results. Forex Illuminati Robot team has posted the live trading results achieved by Steven Johansson, the monthly gain was 29.26% and the drawdown was 9.48%. Steve Johansson was able to turn a deposit of $5,000 into $64,261 starting from June 2011 to December 2011. There are other live performance results also posted. For example, Ronald Sawyer was able to turn a deposit of $1,000 into $103,078 with a small drawdown.

Forex Illuminati team is giving 60 days of no questions asked money back guarantee. If you get interested, you can test drive Forex Illuminati Robot on your demo account RISK FREE for 60 days. Testing is always a good idea. Never ever trade live with a forex robot without first testing it thoroughly on your demo account. Forward testing helps in two things. First it helps you get more familiar with the robot. Second after testing you can make a judgement whether this robot is worth trading live or not. If the robot does not perform well on a demo account, simply take it as a proof that it will never work on a live account. Simply get a refund.

This is what you should do. Setup the Illuminati EA on your demo account with the risk settings of 1%. Let it run for one whole month without interruption. At the end of the month check what was the return and what was the drawdown. If the return is more than 20% and the drawdown is less than 8%, you can think about further testing Forex Illuminati on a live account with a deposit of $500. Incase the return is less than 20%, check the settings whether they are correct and not. After satisfying yourself with the settings, let it run for one more month on the demo account. If the return is again below 20%, simply return Forex Illuminati.

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