Forex Infra Pips Robot By Adrien Huber!

Adrien Huber has developed this Forex Infra Pips Robots based on principles of statistics and prognostics related to it. Forex Infra Pips robot has been developed to trade EUR/USD, GBP/USD and USD/CHF pairs. Adrien Huber has posted a demo account results on the third party site The monthly gains have been 17.64% in February, 14.11% in March, 41.28% in April, 50.72% in May, 80.95% in June, -19.85% in July and 11.23% in August. As you can see some months were real good like the month of May and June but some months were bad like that in July. This is what happens when you trade with a robot. One month is good, you make a good return and in the other month you suffer a huge drawdown. Adrian Huber started with a deposit of $650. Now the equity is $2,996.93. Following is the screenshot of the performance of Forex Infra Pips Robot.

Forex Infra Pips

As you can see the total gain in 7 months is 361.07% while the drawdown was 40.63%. Monthly gain on average was 26.46% and the daily gain on average was 0.79%. Another thing that you should keep in mind is that this was a demo account performance. It seems that Adrien is still not confident risking his real money on his Forex Infra Pips EA. However, he is giving 60 days of no questions asked money back guarantee so that anyone who is interested can test drive his Forex Infrapips robot.

If you are interested in testing this Forex Infrapips Robot, install it on the demo account and let it run for two months. At the end of  two months, check what was the performance. If the performance is not good, simply ask for a refund. However, if the performance is good and the return per month has been higher than 50%, you can make a small deposit of $250 and let it run on a live account.

When you trade with a forex robot always start small. This way you don’t lose much if the robot starts making wrong trades and suffers a huge drawdown. Let the robot grow that small deposit. If the robot works and makes a good return,after every few months withdraw the money and let it start again. If you want to really make big money with forex then you should learn how to trade manually. This is the only way to make big money with forex. Robots cannot make you rich.

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