Forex JetScalper Trades Any Pair On M5 Timeframe!

Forex JetScalper is a very powerful scalping system developed by Den Murakami that can anticipate price movement before it actually takes place. Forex JetScalper can scalp any currency pair on M5 timeframe. It has been coded with an absolutely unique trend indicator that has unbelievable forecasting abilities. Watch the youtube video below!


Now you might be wondering what makes this trend indicator different from a standard MA. Actually this trend indicator is only 20% a standard MA rest of it comprises of a very powerful flat indicator. This is a filter with advanced transmitting function, and a trigger that defines an extreme point after which the trend’s direction changes. It is necessary to highlight that indicator also defines flat. Take a look at the following screenshots that show this unique trend indicator in action.

Forex JetScalper

Probability of a false signal is further reduced by a JetFilter. Spread Control feature allows to control the spread which is something very important when you are scalping. Trailing Control feature allows locking in the profits. Take a look at the following screenshots.

Forex JetScalper

Forex JetScalper

You can download and test Forex JetScalper RISK FREE for 60 days on the demo account. A PDF manual explains everything that you need to know about this robot and how to trade with it. Go through it and then install it on your demo account. Let it make 30-50 trades on the demo account and see what is the average performance.

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