Forex Non Farm Payroll Trading Strategy 1 Hour Video

Non Farm Payroll also known as NFP Report is the most market moving economic data release. NFP  Report is released on the first Friday of each month at 8:30 AM EST by the US Labor Department. NFP Report is important for the currency market as well as the stock market and the commodity market. Trading NFP Report can easily make 100-200 pips in a matter of few hours. However, the market may not move much on NFP Report release. Why? Market movement mostly depends on how much deviation there is between the actual and the expected. Before the Non Farm Payroll Report release the market develops a forecast figure. This forecast figure is incorporated into the price. If the actual is close to the forecast figure, the market does not move much as the information has already been priced. However when the actual released figure has a large deviation from the forecast, the market moves rapidly to incorporate the new information into the price which causes the high volatility in the market. Watch the video below that explains in detail a Forex Non Farm Payroll Trading Strategy!

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