Forex Striker A USA Patented Forex Robot That Made 9,214% In 1 Year!

Forex Striker made 6,564.77% on EURUSD and 40,345.77% on GBPUSD. Forex Striker has been developed by the famous developer team that is behind the successful robots like the Forex Killer, Forex Autopilot, Forex Bullerproof, Forex GPS, Commodity Code and the famous FAP Turbo EA. All these robots were developed by these 8 people from Europe. When it comes to automated trading and forex robot development, these guys are way ahead from everyone else in the field. They have a diverse background in different fields like aeronautics, DNA research, AI, multi thread processing and telemetrics which gives the edge when it comes to automated trading.

Forex StrikerNow Forex Striker EA has not yet been released to the market. But the developers have got it patented with the USA Patent Office as well as got the computer program registered with the Copyright Office. This will ensure that the code doesn’t get stolen. This has not been done before by other developers and indicates how serious the developers are about the code behind the EA. According to the developers this robot is presently running on 500 live accounts of beta testers and every single beta tester is in profit. All the details will be released on 25th October, 2012. So you must get on the waiting list as soon as possible as this will give you the chance of winning a FREE copy of Forex Striker robot.

There are many features of this robot that are incredible. When Forex Striker and Forex Striker PRO get released in the next few days, you will be able to get all the details. The developers have spent four years in developing these two EAs and the results have been incredible. The ultimate test of a forex robot is live trading and as said above, this robot is currently running on 500 live accounts and every single one of these 500 real money live account are in profit. So you can well imagine how powerful this robot is.

The good thing about this robot is that you don’t need to make a big deposit in order to start trading with it. You can start with only $500-$1000 as the initial investment and let the robot trade and multiply this amount over time. As said above on 25th October the best test results will be made available to the public plus the 10 lucky winners will be given FREE copies of this robot. So don’t hesitate to register now for the chance to win a FREE copy of Forex Striker.

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