Fusion Forex Robot Made A Gain Of 2,044.32% In 4 Months For Jamie Sykes!

Fusion Forex Robot made a gain of 2,044.32% in less than 4 months. Fusion Forex Robot started trading on 13th July 2011 with a deposit of $10K and turned that initial deposit into $2,19,991.55% making a gain of 2,044.32% in less than 4 months. It made a daily gain of 3.59%, a monthly gain of 186.18% and a drawdown of 15.22%. You can take a detailed look at the live trading account statement posted on the myfxbook by the developer of Fusion Forex Robot Jamie Sykes! Jamie Sykes has also posted the complete history of 426 trades made by the Fusion Forex Robot since it started trading from 13th July 2011. You can even take a look at the open trades as of today i.e. 10/8/2011.

Fusion Forex Robot Trading Strategy

Jamie Sykes says that his Fusion Forex Robot trades with a solid trading strategy. Jamie has been trading with this strategy and he has been also teaching this strategy to other traders for many years. If you are a new trader, don’t worry this strategy is easy to understand and master. You might be wondering what is this trading strategy behind the Fusion Forex Robot that made such a high gain? The strategy is simple and allows you to trade at the different times of the day with the direction of the trend. Always remember the wise saying, “Trade with the trend.” Fusion Forex Robot has been developed with auto money management, internal stop loss and profit level calculation and it always trades with the direction of the trend. Now, if you want when you visit the website, you can download Jamie Sykes 30 pips per day method FREE. This FREE report will give you can idea of the type of trading strategy to expect when trading with this Fusion Forex Robot.

Testing The Fusion Forex Robot

As always, never assume anything about the robot until and unless you have thoroughly tested that robot. Just disregard the tall claims made by the developer or the live trading account statement. First do a 99% modelling quality backtest. If you don’t know how to do it, read one of our earlier posts. This 99% modelling quality backtest will reveal a lot more than the 90% modelling quality Strategy Tester Report posted by Jamie! Jamie has posted a Strategy Tester Report that shows the Fusion Forex Robot turning $1K into $120.101K in around 14 months. This time you do this with a 99% modelling quality instead of 90% modelling quality. Once you get this 99% modelling quality back test report go through it thoroughly.

Now, you should forward test this robot on a demo account for a period of 30 days. Don’t worry, you got a 60 days no questions asked money back guarantee from Jamie so if you don’t get good results you can always ask for the refund. The performance of the robot is highly dependent on the broker as well as the settings that you use. Make sure you optimize the settings as well as choose the right broker. If you get good results, you can make a deposit of $1K and start trading live with the Fusion Forex Robot.

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