FX Mega Bot Turned $500 Into Over $100K In 2 Years For Luke Kelsey!

FX Mega Bot by Luke Kelsey turned a deposit of $500 into over $101,235.36 in 903 days. Luke Kelsey is providing full access to the 2 year old FX Mega Bot real money live account. You can take a detailed look at the trade by trade results.  When you take a look at a forex robot live trading statements, you need to take a detailed look at the over all long term performance of an EA.  The daily gain made by this EA for two years on average was 4.2%. FXMegaBot made on average a monthly gain of 19.0%. The profit factor was 1.63.  The worst day was when it made a loss of 19.7%. The worst month was when it made a loss of 14.8%.  But this worst loss had no overall impact on the trading account. This robot worked well during the 2008 recession.

Now, FXMegaBot is not a scalper robot. This robot targets big market moves. It is simple, universal and effective and trades any currency pair with any broker. It is NFA complaint meaning no hedging and follows FIFO. It uses effective money management and does not use martingale. Luke Kelsey went out of the job in 2008 recession and was almost broke. His maths skills saved him when he developed the Megabot. He has done rigorous testing and tweaking of his robot. The 2 year live trading account statement is a proof of that. This EA is very flexible. You can use it for Intraday as well as End of Day currency markets.

Testing The FX Mega Bot

Luke Kelsey gives 30 days money back guarantee to test drive the FXMegaBot. making a robot work needs a lot of testing. This testing also ensures that you don’t get scammed. If a robot is working for someone, it doesn’t mean that it will also work for you. You need to do a thorough test of the robot to get familiar with how it trades. So, first do a back test then a forward test. If you get satisfactory results, open a micro account with a $250 deposit and trade live with this EA. Luke says that this robot works well with any broker but he is also recommending a broker. Since, a robot performance is highly dependent on a broker, it is a good idea to try the broker recommended by Luke. When you trade live on a micro account, use the lowest risk settings on the FX Mega Bot in the beginning.

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