FX Speed Trader Robot

FX Speed Trader Robot turned $500 to $969,104.13 (this live account is third party verified). James Sullivan recently came across this genius Japanese currency trader Mano Ishikawa and the developer of FX Speed Trader Robot. Japanese are known for creating the most advanced robotics in the world and Mano Ishikawa has again proved how good Japanese can be in developing a forex robot.  He made $16,026,651.93 using this FXSpeedTrader Robot using high risk settings. But this robot works equally good on low risk settings. This robot turned $500 to $969,104.13 in 14 months. You can take a detailed look at the third party verified live account statement.  This robot has four versions:

FX Speed Trader GBPUSD Version
FX Speed Trader USDCHF Version
FX Speed Trader EURCHF Version
FX Speed Trader EURGBP Version

FXSpeedTrader is an extraordinary scalper that has the unique ability to perform on brokers on up to 5 pip spread, which is incredibly high and unusual for a scalper to be able to work accurately in such conditions.  This means this robot works on real accounts. There can be no doubt about it as third party verified live account statements have been provided to show that it does indeed make a lot of pips.

Testing FXSpeedTrader EA

First you need to take a detailed look at the Strategy Tester Report that has been posted on the site plus third party verified accounts that prove that this robot indeed works. Do a back test of your own using 99% modelling quality. If you don’t know how to do it with 99% modelling quality, read one of my previous posts on how to test a forex robot. This 99% modelling quality back test will make you thoroughly familiar with how this robot behaves in the different market conditions. After you are satisfied with the back testing, do a forward test for a period of 1 month of the demo account. Take a detailed look at the forward test report.

Live Trading With FX Speed Trader Robot

After thorough testing, once you are satisfied, you can trade live with this robot. Open a micro account with a $500 deposit and trade live with this robot. As this is a scalper robot that can perform on brokers with spread as high as 5 pips, you can expect to trade live with it with any broker. But trading with an ECN with make things easier for you. The performance of this robot will of course depend on the optimized settings.You can subscribe to the monthly optimization service. Thre are some additional products and services that are offered along with the basic four versions of this FX Speed Trader robot mentioned above:

Speed Trader Manual Strategy
Install Service: Installation of the Robot
Maintenance Service: Monthly Optimization Service

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