FX Stealth Robot Has Got 92% Winrate!

FX Stealth is a new forex robot that has got 92% winrate. FX Stealth forex robot has been developed by Stew Green. Stew Green is a professional forex trader who has been trading forex since 1983. He has traded all the major currency pairs during the London as well as the New York sessions. He makes on average 10% to 20% return per month. He cashed in on AUD/USD and NZD/USD going down during the Crash of 87. And during the recent Greece Bankruptcy, he was riding the EUR/USD all the way down. According to Stew Green, his FX Stealth Robot made a gain of 68% in just 92 trading days.

FX Stealth

As you can see from the above screenshot, this FX Stealth has an incredible 92% winrate. FX Stealh incorporates 30 years of Stew Green’s trading experience. Stew has programmed it with a strategy that readily adapts to the market changes whatever it maybe. This is a safe forex robot. Expect to make something like 15-20% return per month with this robot.

Now this is what you should do. First test it on the demo account for at least 1 month. Install it correctly on the demo account and then let it run uninterrupted for full 30 days without your intervention. If it works well and makes a decent return something like 10-20% as claimed by Stew Green, you can switch to live trading with a small deposit of $250.

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