Gold Expert Advisor V2 Makes A Safe 3-7% Return Per Month!

This Gold Expert Advisor can make a safe low risk 3-7% return per month trading gold and silver. Ever thought about trading gold or silver with an EA, well this Gold Expert Advisor will do precisely that for you. Of course, you can use it for trading other metals as well but we think that this is the best time to trade gold and silver. Right now gold is trading around $1,880 per ounce mark. The price did break above $1,910 per ounce for sometimes but soon made a retracement. What this means is that the market is consolidating and soon will restart its onward march. Some market analysts are saying that gold prices can reach as high as $4000-$5000 per ounce.

Now, let’s talk about silver. Silver is much cheaper to trade. The price of silver is hovering around $40 per ounce right now. But keep this in mind, silver has historically skyrocketed ten times more than gold. Both gold and silver markets have been in an unprecedented uptrend for the last many years. The market fundamentals point towards a bull market for many more years. This is the best time to start riding this uptrend in the gold and the silver market and the best way to do this is to trade with this Gold Expert Advisor on autopilot. Adding the yellow metal and the white metal to your portfolio of forex is a good idea! Now, if you are new to metal trading, you can take a look at this gold trade pro system that will help you get going and show you a simple daily gold breakout strategy that you can implement with a just one pending order.

Testing The Gold Expert Advisor V2

You need to first test this Gold Expert Advisor V2 on your demo account. The good thing, most of the brokers that you use to trade forex will also let you trade gold, silver and other metals from the same MT4 platform. So, when trading these precious metals, you are again on the home ground if you have been trading forex before. From the same demo account, you can backtest and forward test this EA. Do that thoroughly. This will make you become thoroughly familiar with this robot. Some of the statistics posted on the Gold Expert Advisor V2 site seem to be quite good. For example, in 8 months of live trading this EA made 89% winning trades with a drawdown of 6.73%. This drawdown should be acceptable as long as it is below 8%. This is our thumb rule.

Live Trading With The Gold Expert Advisor V2

Now, if you get good results in the testing phase, you can trade live with this EA. Expect to make a safe low risk 3-7% gain per month with this robot. Now compare this monthly return with the annual return provided by most mutual funds that fall in the range of 5-10% per annum. Do the maths, if you make 5% gain per month consistently for the next 12 months, you will be making a return of 60% in one year which is not bad, huh! So, start first with silver as this metal is much cheaper to trade plus it has ten times more potential to skyrocket as compared to the yellow metal. Once you get good results on silver, you can trade the yellow metal as well with this Gold Expert Advisor.


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