Gold Silver Robots Making A Monthly Gain Of 18.8%!

These Gold Silver Robots are making monthly gains between 10-20% on average. In fact these are two robots. One is the Gold Robot and the other is the Silver Robot. Both have been optimized to trade only one precious metal. If you are looking for Metals Expert Advisors then you should not miss taking a detailed look at the live account statements posted on the third party site MT4i Live pertaining the Gold EA and the Silver EA. More and more forex traders are now trading gold and silver along with forex. And why not? For the past ten years, gold and silver market are witnessing an unprecedented prolonged uptrend. Gold prices started from below $1K per ounce and are now poised to breach the $2K per ounce barrier in 2012. It is being predicted by market analysts that gold prices are going hit the $2.5K mark in 2012. There are more hawkish market analysts who are predicting gold prices breaching the $3K per ounce mark.

Whatever, it is clear that this is the best time to trade gold and silver. There is an uptrend in the market. You just need a trend trading strategy that keeps you in the trend as long as possible. How about trading with an automated trend trading system? These Gold Silver Robots are trend trading robots. A number of live account statements of both Metals Gold Expert Advisor and Metals Silver Expert Advisor are posted on the third party site MT4i Live.

For example, one  Gold Robot MT4i Live account statement shows a monthly return of 18.8% with a profit factor of 1.02 over a period of 162 days with a deposit of $10K turning into $21.494. Another Gold Robot MT4i Live account statement shows a monthly gain of 11.4%. There are a number of Gold Robot MT4i Live accounts posted. You should take a detailed look at each one of the live account statement posted on the MT4i Live site. In the same manner, a number of Silver Robot MT4i Live account statements have been posted as well. Here the monthly gain is less than 10%. You should take a detailed look at the live account statements. The profit factor of these gold and silver robots is between 1 and 1.5 meaning it is losing as much as it is making.

Testing Gold Silver Robots

There is 30 days of no questions asked money back guarantee period. As always never trade live with a new forex robot until and unless you have tested it thoroughly on your demo account. If you get interested, you can test these Gold Silver Robots on a demo account for a period of one month. At the end of the month, see the performance of this Gold Silver Robot. If the performance is not good, simply return Gold Silver Robot and get a refund. If the performance is good, you can think about trading live with a deposit of $1K.

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