GPS Forex Robot 2 Making A Gain of 30% Per Month!

GPS Forex Robot 2 by Mark Larsen and his team of two programmers Antony and Ronald is the improved version that is making a gain of 30% per month on average and is trading four times better than the original GPS Forex Robot. This GPS Forex Robot 2 is twice as safe and profitable compared to the first version. The new version includes the trailing Take Profit feature that you can use if it is necessary. You can also change all the primary parameters in this version and adopt it to your own trading style. This new version also has a new function that allows it to find the most optimized settings for the current market and then use it in live trading.

Who Is Mark Larsen?

Mark Larsen is a well known person in the forex robot community. He has been testing EAs and posting the live trading results on his reviews site for a number of years now. He most probably has tested hundreds of EAs both commercial as well as FREE by now. In fact, he gets invited by many forex robot developers in beta testing their EAs. He has recently started Forex EA Lab where he has posted live trading results for hundreds of robots that you can get access to by paying a small monthly membership fee. By joining the Forex EA Lab, you can save a lot of your time testing and optimizing a robot as most of the testing results can help you to decide what robots are the best ones in terms of live trading results. You can read one of my earlier posts on the Forex EA Lab by Mark Larsen!

Some four years back, Mark Larsen teamed up with two young programmers Antony and Ronald and developed this Forex GPS Robot. He has posted ample live trading results that show that this robot infact makes money.Mark Larsen named this EA, the GPS Robot because just like a GPS in your car, this EA predicts the short term movements in the currency market with a high probability of 98%. For the 2% cases where this EA can go wrong, Antony and Ronald have added a Reverse Strategy to the algorithm that instantly opens a trade in the opposite direction in case of a loss and covers the loss. Now, this is a safe robot that does not use martingale or grid or trading with no stop loss that can blow your account.

Testing The GPS Forex Robot 2

The first thing that you need to do is to take a detailed look at the back testing and live trading results that have been posted by Mark. This will reveal a lot to you. If after looking at these results, you feel like test driving this robot, you can do that RISK FREE for 60 days. First do a back test of your own with 99% modelling quality. If you don’t know how to do it, read one of my earlier posts. This 99% modelling quality back test will reveal much more than the usual 90% modelling quality back tests. Once you are done with the back test, forward test the GPS EA on a demo account for a period of one month. If you get good results on the demo account, you can open a mini account with a $500 deposit and trade live with GPS Forex Robot 2.

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