Haru EA By Haru Miyagi Turns $500 Into Almost $9K in 1 Month!

Haru EA has been developed by Haru Miyagi, a professional forex trader. Haru EA was able to turn a deposit of $500 into $8,569.44 in just 1 month of live trading giving an ROI of 1613.89%. Haru Miyagi says that Haru EA has got more than 9,000 lines of code and follows one of his proprietary trading strategies and trades in all market conditions.

Haru EA is not a scalper. It trades longer term and having more than 9,000 lines of code ensures that it takes into account much more information as compared to the average EA that is available in the market. These 9,000 lines of code combines within thousands of market scenarios that Haru Miyagi has programmed into his robot making it much more flexible as well as adaptable to different market conditions as compared to an average robot. Haru EA trades the GBPUSD pair on M5 chart. This is what you get;

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As said above, Haru Miyagi is a professional forex trader and a coach. He has been trading for many years full time. This HaruEA has been designed and build upon his many years of success in the forex market. HaruEA uses advanced technical and logical trading strategies that have worked for Haru Miyagi for many years. These advanced technical trading strategies incorporate advanced fibonacci and moving average techniques. As said above, this is not a scalper robot. It does not use martingale or grid style trading.  The size of the winning trade made by this robot is usually 1.3 to 3 times the size of the losing trade. In nuthell, this robot predicts and follows trends and makes trading decisions based on trading principles instead of hard rules.

How To Test Haru EA?

Now, as always you should first do a thorough test of this robot if you get interested in trading with it.  Don’t take it for granted that the robot is going to work for you. There are many unknown variables about the robot that you don’t know. The performance of a robot is also highly dependent on the broker. So it is very much possible that the robot may not perform well with your broker. Only way to know these facts is by thoroughly testing the robot first.

So first do a backtest. The backtest results posted by Haru Miyagi show a modelling quality of 90%. Read one of our earlier posts on how to do a backtest with 99% modelling. If you don’t know how to do a backtest, first learn it because it is an indispensable tool when it comes to automated trading. If you want to become a successful forex robot trader then you must learn how to do a backtest as well as a forward test. These two tests can save you from a lot of trouble and heartache later on. Both the backtest as well as the forward test can give you the most probable best settings for a robot that give max return with minimum risk. Change the settings during the backtest as well as the forward test to see which settings produce the best results. If you get a good backtest, do a forward test of Haru EA for a period of one month. If you don’t get good results, go for a refund. Incase you get good results, make a deposit of $250 and trade live with Haru EA!

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