Inside Bar Trading Strategy Robot FREE Download

Inside bar is an important 2 stick trend reversal candlestick pattern. Inside bar is formed when the candle is within the previous candle meaning its high and low is well within the high and low of the previous candle. Take a look at the following screenshot that shows an inside bar pattern on GBPUSD H4 chart.

Inside Bar Pattern

Just above the red arrow you can see a very beautiful inside bar pattern. You can see there is a big bullish candle followed by a very small bearish candle. This is a very beautiful inside bar pattern. Technically any candle that is within the previous candle is an inside bar but if a big candle is followed by a doji then it is a very beautiful inside bar pattern. This is also known as the Harami pattern in Japanese.

Just take a look at the above screenshot. Inside bar pattern appears than price falls 400 pips in the next few days to be precise 4 days. Inside bar pattern on H4 and D1 is quite reliable. Now sometimes you will find inside bar that is a trend continuation signal. As I have said when a big candle is followed by a doji, then it is a sureshot trend reversal signal.

Inside bar is a good entry and exit signal. I have been learning MQL4 coding for a few months now. Automating your strategy can help you a lot. It can save a lot of your time that you spend on looking at the charts. Trading Inside Bar is a pure price action strategy. You are solely depending on inside bar bar without getting confirmation from any other indicator. This is a good article that explains how to automate the inside bar strategy. At the end of the article you can download the Inside Bar Trading Strategy Robot.

The Inside Bar Trading Strategy Robot is in MQL4 file. This is what you will do. Download the file and then click on the Meta Editor and open this MQL4 file in it. Click on compile and Meta Editor is going to convert this file into an exe file ready for use by MT4. Now click on the Navigator window and you will find this Inside Bar Trading Strategy EA in that window. Click on it and it will be installed on the chart. You can read the above article that explains this strategy and EA in detail. It is always a good idea to know the strategy and its coding before you start using the EA.

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