Instant Forex Profit Robot By Kishore M. Makes 50-100 Pips Daily!

Instant Forex Profit Robot will automatically make 50-100 pips daily for you. Kishore M is a professional forex trader and an ex Hedge Fund Manager from Singapore who has developed this Instant Forex Profit Robot. Kishore M has got more than 10 years of forex trading experience and he is often invited by Bloomberg and BBC to give his views on the currency market. He has now developed this Instant Forex Profits Robot that automatically trades the trend so you don’t have to worry about monitoring the market and constantly worrying when to buy and when to sell. Watch this video where Kishore M is shown trading fx on a hot air balloon using his iPhone.

Forget about staring at the charts for hours, use this EA to make 50-100 pips daily. This EA works on H1 timeframe. First test this EA on a demo account for a period of 1 month. This robot makes 10-100 pips per trade. This robot trades all those currency pairs where the spread is less than 10 pips. This robot trades mini contracts however you can change the settings and trade a bigger contract. A logical stop loss is calculated wide enough instead of placing a stop loss a few pips away from the price. This is done so that there is enough room for the trade to become profitable. This robot combines the multitrader strategy with the momentum strategy. Momentum is a short term strategy for quick profits while the multitrader is a long term profit maximizer strategy.

If you want to make money daily while enjoying your time with your family, you can take a RISK FREE trial of this EA developed by Kishore M. You have got two full months to thoroughly test this robot on the demo account. Let it run for at least one month without interruption on the demo account. At the end of the month, check the performance. If the robot is indeed making 50-100 pips daily and the equity curve is having a smooth nice upward slope, you can open a live account with a small deposit of $250 and let it further run for one month on the live account. If the performance on the demo account is not good, get a refund. Only trade live with a bigger deposit when you have thoroughly tested this robot on the live account with a small deposit of $250 as said above.



  • Stu

    July 3, 2012

    Kishore M is nothing but a con artist period. This bot he raves about is such a piece of crap it is almost sinful to write about it. It puts you into trade after trade with no sense of direction at all and hopes for the best. I have lost trade after trade being stopped out. I am taking this junk of my computer in a few minutes and i will never buy another robot period. I trusted this bum but he is just like the rest of thes guru’s

  • sam

    August 28, 2012

    Kishore M has made more money in training rather than trading himslef on his own strategy. When asked as how much he himself has made, he admits as it is his personal information. Based on his assurance of making 1milion per year and so on, by this time he should be seen in the list of forbes .com. He talks more and every talk is expects money from the public, nothing is free for him. All his examples are post trading charts which i can teach anyone. Please avoid paying a penny to him as what all he teaches is available on web on free of cost. Be carefull traders.

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