Leo Trader PRO Robot Makes 48% Monthly Return On Average!

Leo Trader PRO is a robot that has been giving consistent performance month after month. Leo Trader PRO is averaging around 48% monthly gain. Leo Trader PRO team was the first to introduce the concept of investor password access. Before this, there was no way to independently verify the trading account statements. Investor password access is the only way to independently verify whether a trading account statement is real or not.

After the launch of Leo Trader PRO, investor password access has become a industry standard. When you take a look at a new robot, make sure that you get an investor password access to take a detailed view of the live trading account statement of that robot. Provision of no investor password access should raise red flags about the genuineness of that ea. Another thing that happened was that the Leo Trader PRO team also got the CEO of FinFX brokerage Jani Hjerppe to provide a statement that the LeoTrader PRO accounts being traded at FinFX brokerage were real money accounts. This is rarely done by the CEO of a brokerage. All this was done to prove that the people behind LTP robot are genuine.

Testing Leo Trader PRO

LeoTrader PRO claims to use neural nets in its algorithm. Neural nets is a form of artificial intelligence that learns from its mistakes and continues to get better. For our purposes, the test of a pudding lies in eating it. If LTP robot can make a consistent gain month after month, we can think of these neural nets as something that works. In fact, when LTP was launched last year, it was making more than 110% return per month. But then the return has come down perhaps due to the changed market conditions. This indicates that the neural nets are most probably overhyped but we should still not underestimate this neural net technology as making a gain of 48% per month is also not so easy.

Keep this in mind, a robot behaves differently with different brokers. So, testing a robot with a particular broker is a must. You can test LTP robot RISK FREE for 60 days. You can’t backtest it due to the neural nets as claimed by the LTP team. So, first forward test it on your demo account for a period of one month. This forward testing will give you a fair idea how this ea is going to behave under the live market conditions.

Live Trading With LeoTrader PRO

Live trading results are the only proof that this robot works. So, first trade LTP on a micro account with a deposit of $250. Do it for a period of 1 month. Always make it a rule that you are never going to trade live with a robot without thoroughly testing it. If you get good results on the micro account, you can trade live with Leo Trader PRO on a standard account.

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