Pips Velocity System By Lloyd Richmond Makes 53% Average Return per Month!

Pips Velocity System is an automated trading system developed by Lloyd Richmond. This Pips Velocity System turned a deposit of $2,500 into $1.171 million in 413 trading days. Lloyd Richmond is a full time professional forex trader and a financial software developer. You can take a look at the performance stats of this Pips Velocity Automated Forex System below.

Pips Velocity System

It would have been a much  better idea the developer had posted a link to the third party sites like the myfxbook.com or MT4i.com so that anyone interested could have checked the stats of this system instead of just posting a screenshot of the live performance. However, as you can see in 413 days of live trading, it made an average return of 53.0% with a profit factor of 6.15. The initial deposit was $2.5K and the gross profit over 413 trading days (roughly around one year and three months) was $1,171,095.00. Net profit was $980.560 and gross loss was $190,535. Lloyd Richmond is giving 60 days of no questions asked money back guarantee so that if you want you can test drive his Pips Velocity Automated Forex System on your demo account. This is what you get when you download this system:

Pips Velocity
Pips Velocity Pro
Pips Velocity Manual

First test this Pip Velocity System on the demo account for one month. If the return is not good and the drawdown is large at the end of the month, get a refund. However if the return is good and the drawdown is small, open a live account with a small deposit of $200 and trade live with this system for one more month. If it works well on the live account only then think of increasing the deposit to something like $500-$1000. It is always a good idea to thoroughly test a new system on the demo account first. If it doesn’t work on the demo account, you can pretty much assume that it won’t work at all on a live account.

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