Pro Auto Trader Robot by Matt Burns Makes 30% Gain Per Month!

Pro Auto Trader Robot by Matt Burns is a hyper velocity forex trading ea. Pro Auto Trader robot is a fast EA that makes many trades daily unlike other robots that make only a few trades per week. Rapid trading requires quick entry and exit making a few pips every time. This is what this Pro Auto Trader robot does. It has a lightening fast algorithm that trades small spread price movements rapidly. Now, this robot has been developed by Matt Burns who has more than 15 years of professional trading and programming experience.Matt has been working for a major European investment firm developing forex software for them.

Although Matt says that this robot can trade all the currency pairs yet, he recommends only these four major currency pairs GBPUSD, EURUSD, USDCHF and USDCAD. This is something interesting. This robot only trade for four hours daily as it is a scalper robot that makes rapid trades. It trades 1 hour in the first session and 3 hours in the second session. However, during these four hours Matt has programmed it in such a manner that it makes many high probability trades. Backtesting and live trading shows that this robot can make a gain of 400% per year. This translates into a monthly gain of around 30% which is not bad. Pro Auto Trader Robot uses two new technologies :

1. Superior Flawless Filtering Technology (SFFT  Technology)


2. Time Sensitive Trade Exit Technology (TSTET Technology)

SFFT Technology gives it the ability to quickly scan the market data and select the best trading opportunities while TSTET Technology lets this robot exit at the perfect time. Whatever, we don’t need to know more about these technologies. What we are interested is in how well this robot can trade for us!

Testing The Pro Auto Trader EA

The test of a pudding lies in eating it. What we need to know is how well this robot can trade on a live account. First take a detailed look at the back testing results as well as the live trading results posted by Matt on the Pro Auto Trader EA. Then do a forward test on a demo account for a period of one month. Matt gives you a 60 days money guarantee, so you can safely do that. Keeping in view the fact that this robot trades very fast, we would recommend an ECN broker for this EA. Open a micro account with a deposit of $300 and trade with this robot for one month. Trading on a micro account means 1 pips will be equal to just $0.10. So, even if you lose 100 pips in one day, you will only lose $10. After you have thoroughly tested this robot, you can trade live with Pro Auto Trader with a deposit of $1K and a lot size of 0.1.

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