Quantum EA Robot Made A Gain Of 532.1% per Month In 125 Trading Days!

Quantum EA robot was launched sometimes back. Mark Allen is the developer of Quantum EA. A number of live account statements verified by a notary public Rick Carnell from San Diego, California have been posted by the developer Mark Allen. One Quantum EA live account statement shows a gain of 246.11% made in around 1 month. Another live account statement shows a gain of 169.8% made in around 2 months. Another statement shows Quantum EA making 3,266 pips in around one and a half month. Then there is another verified statement showing Quantum EA making 4,353 pips in less than a month. One Quantum EA verified statement shows a monthly gain of 532.1% made in 125 trading days. The profit factor was 3.46. Then there are a couple of bank account statements. Astonishingly the drawdown is very low something like 4.25%.

You should take a detailed look at these live account statements. Mark Allen is providing 60 days of no questions asked money back guarantee. If you get interested, you can try the Quantum EA on your demo account for one month. Install it on the demo account chart and then let it run for one month. At the end of the month, do a check of the performance of this robot. If the return is good something above 30% in one month and the max drawdown is lower than 8%, you can think of further testing this robot. If the return is not good, simply return it and get a refund.

Demo testing is also known as forward testing. A good forward test is not guarantee that a robot is going to perform well on a live account. There are many things that don’t happen on a demo account. For example, you won’t find slippage in a demo account. You will also not get re-qoutes in a demo account. There is no latency issues. But when you switch over to a live account, these things can drastically affect the performance of a robot. Only way to discover whether a robot is going to work well on a live account is to trade live with it using a small deposit something like $200-$250 with the lowest risk settings. If it gives good performance, you can think about increasing the deposit. Always make it a rule to thoroughly test a new robot before you trade live with it. First test Quantum EA thoroughly, only then take the risk of live trading with it.

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