Turbo Pips EA By Bill Larsson!

Turbo Pips EA has been working for Bill Larsson for the last five years making $18,830.67 a month for him on average. Now, Bill Larsson has posted Turbo Pips EA live trading account statements of his 4 trading accounts. Account#1 shows Turbo Pips Robot trading the EURUSD pair and turning $5K into $215.518K. Account#2 shows USDJPY pair with $5K turning into $88.376K while Account#3 shows GBPUSD pair and $5K deposit turning $270.551K. All the three accounts were opened on 2011.01.03.You can visit the TurboPips site to take a detailed view of the fourth account.

Turbo Pips System Features

1. TurboPips has a highly optimized risk and money management system. This EA is not going to risk more than 1% of your account in any trade.

2.  TurboPips can trade all the major currency pairs unlike most other robots that are optimized for only one currency pair.

3. This robot has a very low drawdown of 2.83%. This is something very important. Any drawdown lower than 8% is considered to be good. This ultra low level of drawdown is something good.

4. It uses a breakthrough partial stop loss technology.

Testing The Turbo Pips Robot

When you download the TurboPips Robot, Bill Larsson is going to also give you a fast action bonus: The Broker Report. Signing up with the wrong broker can mean getting ripped off. Most brokers work like a bucket shop sometimes charging outrageous commissions in the shape of spreads while there are some stop hunters too. Whatever, Bill Larsson wants you to trade with the broker that he uses. There is no harm in signing up with the broker that Bill recommends as forex robots are known to work differently from one broker to another. A robot might be profitable with one broker and might be not profitable with another broker.

Never assume that the robot will start working for you instantly. You must always first test the robot thoroughly just in order to become more familiar. When you trade live first use very low risk settings. If things work well, you can increase the risk settings gradually. So as usual, take a detailed look at the live trading results. Do your own back test preferably with 99% modelling accuracy. You need to learn how to do a backtest as well as forward test if you want to become a forex robot trader. Read my earlier posts on how to do that. This 99% modelling quality backtest will reveal a lot. Put the robot on a forward test meaning trading with it on a demo account for at least one month. You can safely do that as this robot has got 60 days money back guarantee and anyway it costs $47 only.

Once you get good results with both the backtest as well as the forward test, open a micro account with the same broker that Bill recommends.  On opening the account you will get $50 as a bonus, deposit another $250 so you will have $300 in the micro account. Now, trade live with the Turbo Pips robot on a micro account for one month. If you get good results, only then think about trading with a deposit of $1K or $2K with the Turbo Pips!

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