Ultimate Profit Booster Set & Forget Forex Software Makes $10K Per Month For Rod Beckwith!

Ultimate Profit Booster is a set and forget forex software that made a gain of almost 6,000% in 12 months for Rod Beckwith. This means the monthly gain made by the Ultimate Profit Booster software was around 500%. Rob Beckwith says that Ultimate Profit Booster Robot is making for him $10K per month on average on autopilot. Rod Beckwith has also posted live trading results of a Ultimate Profit Booster robot beta tester George Parker. You can take a detailed look at the Ultimate Profit Booster live trading account statement from 2011.08.01 to 2011.12.30.

Ultimate Profit Booster EA turned a deposit of $6,300 into $14,494.71. This gives a gain of 130% in 4 months and a monthly gain of 32.5%. In another live account statement posted by Rod, he shows this EA turning a deposit of $5,100 into $14,066.40 from 2011.08.04 to 2011.12.27 (again almost 4 months). This time the gain is 175.8% in 4 months which comes out to a monthly gain of around 43%. Now, Rod Beckwith’s claim that his forex robot made a gain of 6,000% in 12 months is hard to believe. But this is what the screenshot posted by him claims. Keep this fact in mind that these type of screenshots can be easily photo shopped.

Ultimate Profit Booster

He has also posted a backtesting result of the Ultimate Profit Booster EA with a modelling quality of 99%. You can also take a detailed look at the backtesting results. Backtesting was done on 5 minute charts. A deposit of $10K was turned into around $10 million in 5 years. You can also take a detailed look at these backtesting results. Now, the only way for you to know whether this robot is going to work for you or not is to test it yourself.

There is a 60 days of no questions asked money back guarantee. So if you get interested, you can test this forex robot on your demo account for one month. At the end of the month do a check of the trading performance of this robot. If the performance is not good, you should go for a refund. Incase the performance is satisfactory like 30-40% gain in 1 month, further test it on a live account with a small deposit of $250. Use a lot size of 0.01. After another month of testing on the live account, make your final decision whether this is a good robot worth trading live with or not. Always keep this fact in mind that the performance of a robot can vary from one broker to another.  A good performance on the demo account is not a guarantee that the robot is going to work on a live account. The only way to know whether the robot is going to work is live trading. But if a robot does not work on a demo account, it simply eliminates the risk of trading live with it. Only trade live with Ultimate Profit Booster after thoroughly testing it as suggested above.

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