Universal Forex Trader Expert Advisor By Dexter Green

Universal Forex Trader will help you automate your forex strategy. Suppose you have a manual forex strategy that makes pips for you each and every day. Suppose you want to automate your manual forex strategy. One method is to hire a professional programmer who is an MQL4 language expert. You might have to pay something like $200-$300 per hour to the programmer. Hiring an MQL4 programmer can be expensive. On the other hand, the Universal Forex Trader can make life very easy for you.

Universal Forex Trader EA will let you automate your manual forex strategy by using a set of 9 standard indicators. You can use as many of these 9 standard indicators when automating your strategy. You will also be able to set properties for these indicators as input variables for the startup of the EA. So the performance of this EA is dependent on the strategy that you use. Down below are some common strategies that you can use to trade with this EA.

1. Moving Average as primary with MACD as a Filter: In this strategy, you will use the moving average as the primary indicator while MACD as the filter. For example, a long position will be opened at the positive cross of MA1 and MA2 with the MACD in the positive territory. In the same manner, a short position will be opened at the negative cross of MA1 and MA2 with the MACD below zero.

Universal Forex Trader

2. Moving Average as a primary with PSAR as a Filter: Here like above you will use the MA as the primary indicator while PSAR will be the filter that will tell whether the trade is valid or not.

Universal Forex Trader

3. Moving Average as primary and RSI as a Filter

4. Using MACD as primary and PSAR as a Filter

5. PSAR as primary and RSI as a Filter

6. Using Three Indicator at a time with MACD as the primary and PSAR and the RSI as filter.

Universal Forex Trader

7. Using 4 indicators at a time: MA1, MA2, MA3 and PSAR
8. Using 5 indicators at a time
9. Using 6 indicators at a time
10. Using Stochastic alongwith PSAR
11. Using MACD as the primary while ADX as the Filter
12. Using BBs as primary and ADX as the Filter

Universal Forex Trader

13. Using MA as primary and BBs as the Filter

TradeOpen MT4 And Close All Orders MT4 Scripts

So the choice is yours. Either you keep on trading manually or you can automate your strategy with this Universal Forex Trader EA. When you download the Universal Forex Trader EA, you get TradeOpen MT4 Script as a bonus. Opening a trade and putting in the stop loss and the take profit values takes time. However with this TradeOpen MT4 Script these values will be automatically entered with your desired settings. You can also open multiple orders using this TradeOpen MT4 Script. In the same manner, you will also get Close All Orders MT4 Script. Suppose you have 10-20 pending orders open that you want to close now. If you do it manually, it can take sometime but with this Close All Orders MT4 Script, you will be able to close all the open pending orders automatically.

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