VBFX Forex System Uses Renko Charts For Scalping As Well As Trend Trading

This VBFX Forex System uses renko/range bar charts alongwith just 2 custom indicators. The custom indicators are the Value Bands Indicator and the Cycle Shift Indicator. VBFX System can both be used for scalping as well as swing trading. A little about Reno Bars if you are not familiar with them. Unlike usual charts that are time based, Renko charts don’t use time. A renko bar is completed when a specific pip movement is completed by price. Time is immaterial here. Below is a screenshot of this VBFX Forex System in action.

VBFX Forex System

This is a screenshot of a range bound market. As you can see this system only uses price action and one indicator to make the entry and exit decisions. The beauty of renko charts is that with them you won’t see the whipsaw price movement that is shown by  the time based charts. With renko charts, you will see smooth price movement in real time. This system can handle both range bound markets as well as trending markets.

VBFX Forex System

This is the screenshot of a trending market. Just shifting the timeframe of the renko charts, you can change from scalping to swing trading. The developers of this system will teach you how to do this. The Value Band indicator tells you when to buy or sell. Never buy above the green Value Band line and never sell below the red Value Band line. The Cycle Shift Indicator is non repainting. When you download the VBFX System, you get the video training modules that teach you everything that you need to know when trading with this system.

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