Verified Trader Turns $10K into $615.9K in 12 Months!

Charlie McMillan is the Verified Trader. He has posted a Verified Trader screenshot that shows a deposit of $10K, a profit of $615,970.90 and a withdrawal of $577,000. Charlie McMillan used to lose consistently in trading but discovery of a few simple strategies helped him turn his $10K into $615.9K in under a year as said above. Charlie McMillan now wants you to take advantage of his Verified Trader Toolkit.

Verified Trader

With this Verified Trader Toolkit, you will be using the tactics the banks use to rip off retail trader, you will also be using mathematical formulas to reduce the risk per trade and you will also be joining the top 2% of the elite traders who consistently make pips. This is what you will get when you download this Verified Trader Technology Toolkit:

1. Verified Trader EA
2. Indicator which are key to manual trading success
3. Strategy guides and trading ebooks
4. Experimental trading lab with new concepts
5. Over 28 hours of 35 videos on trading forex, stocks and options.

Charlie McMillan gave this Verified Trader Toolkit to one of his closest friend Tom. Below is the screenshot of the performance of Tom’s account using Charlie’s toolkit!

Verified Trader Toolkit

As you can see using this toolkit, Tom’s performance has been phenomenal. You too can download this Verified Trader Toolkit and test it on your demo account for two months. If you don’t get good results with this Verified Trader Toolkit, you can always ask for a refund.

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