Volatility Factor EA Made 2,800 Pips In 3 Months Live Trading!

Volatility Factor EA is another innovative automated trading system developed by the Wall Street Forex Robot team. Volatility Factor EA made a gain of 48.3% with a drawdown of 11.19%. The monthly gain was 12.63%. During three months, Volatility Factor EA made 2,800+ pips which comes out to be more than 900 pips per month. You can take a detailed look at a number of Volatility Factor EA live and demo account trading statements posted on the third party verified myfxbook site. In one demo account statement posted on the myfxbook site, it made a gain of 53.93% with a drawdown of 4.58%. Wall Street Forex Robot team enjoys a good reputation. There Wall Street Forex Robot has been giving a good performance over the years since it launch. The Wall Street Forex Robot team comprises of professional forex traders and programmers. Volatility Factor EA has been optimized to trade the lucrative GBPUSD currency pair.

Volatility Factor EA

Volatility Factor EA Powerful Market Impulse Algorithm

Volatility Factor EA algorithm is based on Market Impulse Trading Strategy. Mostly this strategy trades in the direction of the main trend in the market. In some cases it also profits from the corrections in the market. A lot of research has been done to make this strategy perfect. Trading in the direction of the market ensures that most of the trades end up as winner. Market volatility is used to calculate the entry and exit points. A trade on average generates 10-15+ pips profit. Volatility Factor EA watches the market closely and tries to capitalize on these market impulses using fast trades combined with sensitive risk management rules. A lot of time has been spend in perfecting the Volatility Factor robot market modelling.

Volatility Factor Robot

A trading channel is carefully mapped by the algorithm. The algorithm is pretty fast and can easily manage 2-3 trades per each session. Rigorous backtesting was done to fine tune the algorithm. You can take a detailed look at the backtesting results that have been posted by the developers. The win rate was more than 80% and the profit factor was something like 2.5. You should also take a look at the live and demo account statement posted on the myfxbook site. These are the most important features of Volatility Factor forex robot:

1. Rapid Trading with Market Impulse Levels

2. Optimum Money and Risk Management

2. Price Spread and Slippage Protection

3. NFA and FIFO Complaint

In short, Volatility Factor forex robot is based on a real strategy that has been further made powerful with advanced programming, money management and risk aversion rules and advanced analytical technology.

Testing Volatility Factor Forex Robot

First take a detailed look at the live and demo account statements posted on the myfxbook. Also don’t forget to analyze the backtesting results. If you are satisfied and want to test this forex robot, you can do so for a period of two months as it has got 60 days of no questions asked money back guarantee. Volatility Factor forex robot works with any account size from micro, mini to standard. First test it on the demo account for one month. This will help you get familiar with the forex robot. During live trading it made 2,800 pips in 3 months which comes out to be around 900 pips per month . Keep this fact in mind. On the demo account, it should also make something like this. If it doesn’t, maybe you have chosen the wrong settings and you need to further tweak and fine tune the settings. Once you start making 800-900 pips per month on the demo account or something close to that open a live account with a small deposit of $250 and choose the lot size settings of 0.03 lot. With this lot size settings, if this robot makes 900 pips in one month, your profit will be $270 and the return will be almost 100%. If you don’t get good performance in one month of demo trading and you are not satisfied, simply return the Volatility Factor Robot and get a refund.

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