What Are Fractals And Fractal Breakout Forex Strategy Video Tutorials

Fractals are a five bar pattern. Fractals important patterns that tell you about the market high and low. Many traders love to trade these fractal patterns. So what are these fractals? You can read this good article on Using Fractals in Forex published in the Futures Magazine. You can also watch this video tutorial that explains what are these fractals!

This video shows how to use fractals for making entries!

Now that you have a clear understanding of what fractals are, you can try this Fractal Guru Strategy!

After watching the above videos you must have a good idea about what are fractals by now. Watch this first video on a fractal breakout forex strategy!

This is the second video that you must watch!

This is the third video on Fractal Breakout Forex Strategy that you must watch!

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