Fish Forex Robot 4G by Rita Lasker!

The original Fish Forex Robot was released in May 2010 by Rita Lasker the CEO of Green Forex Group, some 2 years back. According to Rita Lasker, the market situation has changed a lot but her Fish Forex Robot 4G has been showing and continues to show stable and profitable performance. In these 2 years, there were 14 updates and almost 3 major design changes to the algorithm. But over these two years, the stable and consistent performance of Fish Forex Robot 4G shows that the principle on which it is based is flawless and solid.

Fish Forex Robot 4.0 does not use indicators in it’s algorithm. This EA only trades EURUSD pair on the H1 timeframe and uses the following fact that is repeated daily on a regular basis. This EA uses the EURUSD exchange rate between the daily closure time of the open outcry trades and the opening of the CME Globex Electronic Trading Platform. At the closure of the open outcry trades at 15:00 EST or 3 PM EST, a target is formed for the opening of the 15:00 bar.

Two pending orders are placed. One is the Buy Limit Order and the other is the Sell Limit Order. EURUSD price fluctuates between 10-40 pips and when the CME Globex exchange is opened at 18:00 EST, the price reaches it target in almost 84% of the trades. In 16% of the trades where the stop loss is hit, the drawdown is recovered by the 3X Adjustment Order with 15 pips TP order.

According to Rita Lasker, the algorithm has been further improved making is almost impossible for the broker to detect a large number of pending orders placed by a large number of traders. As you can see this robot does not require the use of tricky indicators. In 4 1/2 months, Fish Forex Robot 4G (4G means 4th Generation) turned a deposit of $5K into $17.682K making a nice profit of $12,682 using an initial lot size of 1.5 lot.

You might be wondering how many pips this robot makes daily. Well, it makes around 10 pips per day on average. In 20% of the trades, it will be 30 pips per day. In certain exceptional cases, it even makes 40-60 pips per day. The algorithm has been improved drastically as stated above and now you don’t have to worry about adjusting the time shift between the EST  and the time of the trading terminal. The robot will adjust the time automatically.

However, keep this fact in mind that the algorithm contains an element of Martingale. This happens when the initial order is closed by a stop loss, this immediately opens an Adjustment Order in the opposite direction in order to compensate for the loss. Now in some cases this Adjustment Order can also result in a loss though the probability of that happening is quite low. When you calculate the initial stop loss, you should take into consideration the Adjustment Order Stop Loss value. Using very conservative risk settings, you can increase the account equity  by 50% per month by just making 10 pips per day. There is 60 days of no questions asked money back guarantee. First test Fish Forex Robot 4G on the demo account thoroughly and only trade live with the Fish Forex Robot 4G when you have tested it thoroughly.


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