News Trader FX Price Impacting News Reactive Strategy Made $388K in 6 Months!

News Trader FX Software is a news reactive trading strategy system that has been developed by Sam Bateman from Surrey UK. This News Trader FX software made $388,538.22 in 6 months of trading for Sam Bateman. Sam Bateman started trading with an initial deposit of $10K. The profit factor was a staggering 65.02. You can take a detailed look at the News Trader FX screenshot posted by Sam Bateman.

News Trader FX

As you can see the gross profit made during these 6 months of live trading was $394607.64 while the gross loss during these 6 months was $6,096.36 which is pretty small as compared to the gross profit made. Sam Bateman is claiming that he has got over 12 years of forex trading experience. During these 12 years of forex trading, Sam claims to have perfected a news trading strategy that helps him forecast the price fluctuations with shocking accuracy.

You might be aware of this fact that news moves the currency market big. Economic news announcements can move a currency pair 100-200 pips in a few hours very easily. The more volatility is there in the market, the more chances of making pips. The only thing that you need to master is how to tap into this market volatility that is caused by the news announcement.

News Trader FX

Take a look at the above screenshot. It shows News Trader FX making an easy $900 profit trading a news release. You can take a detailed look at the six months monthly returns posted by Sam Bateman. The lowest monthly return made by News Trader FX was 10.29% while the highest monthly return during these six months was 46.33%. According to Sam, conventional trading systems are not giving good results in the present market. Only thing that works is news trading and he has perfected a news trading strategy that is working for him very well.

If you want you can download this news trading software and test it for two months on the demo account. It comes with 60 days of no questions asked money back guarantee. So if this News Trader FX does not give good results, you can always get a refund within this period of 60 days. It is always a good practice to test a new software on the demo account thoroughly before you take the risk of trading live with it. Just install the News Trader FX software on your demo account and let it run for one month at least. At the end of the month do a check and see how well it had performed during the month. If the performance is not good, simply get a refund.

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