Sequel Trader A High Frequency Trading Robot That Made $21K in 1 Day!

Sequel Trader is a high frequency trading HFT robot that trades the small price fluctuations in the market.  High Frequency Trading requires speed. In the past it required supercomputers. High Frequency Trading used to be the exclusive domain of the the big banks and the hedge funds as they could only afford fast number crunching machines. Goldman Sachs is well known for its HFT operations. There are hedge funds like the Citadel Investment Group LLC who have HFT operations. But in the last few years, high frequency trading is becoming popular amongst retail traders as well.Currency market is always moving. Most of the time the movements are small something like 5-10 pips. If you can capitalize on these small price movements, you can make a lot of pips daily. Sequel Trader does precisely this.

The only problem is that many brokers hate high frequency trading. High frequency trading means opening a trade for a few seconds, grabbing a few pips and then closing it within less than 30-60 seconds and even less. When you are trading so fast, the broker does not get the chance to offset the position in the interbank market. The broker is forced to take the opposite position and then not offset it in the interbank market. You should check with your broker before you start HFT on their platform.

High Frequency Trading HFT has been blamed for the flash crash that happened in May 2010 and some other market crashes as well. However, recent studies have shown that high frequency trading is good for providing liquidity in the market as it helps in reducing the spreads. Whatever, if you want you can try this Sequel Trader on your demo account. The developer of this Sequel Trader HFT robot claims that he made $21K in just 1 day trading with it.

There is 60 days of no questions asked money back guarantee. So you can test this Sequel Trader EA on the demo account thoroughly for two months. If it doesn’t work. Simply get a refund. And if it works and you feel satisfied with the performance of Sequel Trader on the demo account, open a live account with a small deposit of $350 and further test it on a live account. Testing on a live account is a must as there are inherent differences in a demo account and a live account. Both function differently. A trade can get executed on the demo account but it may not get executed on the live account due to re-qoutes, slippage, latency etc. So test the Sequel Trader HFT Software on the live account once you get a satisfactory performance on the demo account.

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