Forex Ultra Scalper By Rita Lasker That Makes Upto 200 Pips Daily!

Forex Ultra Scalper Software is the latest new forex product launched by Rita Lasker. Rita Lasker has been trading forex professional for a number of years and always comes up with a good forex product. This Forex Ultra Scalper is however not a robot. It is a scalping signals software that works on the M1 chart of any currency pair and gives on average 10-50 trading signals per day. Out of these 10-50 scalping signals, you will find 70-90% of these signals to be profitable and you can make a net profit of upto 200 pips per day. You will need to trade these scalping signals manually.

Forex Ultra Scalper 2 Launched

This week Rita Lasker launched the latest new version of the Forex Ultra Scalper System and named it Forex Ultra Scalper 2. This is the new version of the original software with an improved algorithm and added additional filters. You should keep this fact in mind that this is not a forex robot but a manual trading system. The new Forex Ultra Scalper 2 System will send signals to open and close orders. However, you can also use a stop loss. Everything is explained in detail in the User Manual.

Scalping is one of the favorite strategy used by many pro traders. Why? Because most of the scalping trades are quick and fast plus you get plenty of scalping opportunity during the day. Many new traders get burned when they try out scalping. Most cannot figure out how to become profitable scalping the market. But now you can. Rita Lasker has developed this Forex Ultra Scalper Software that you can use to trade any currency pair. However, you should keep this in mind that scalping is a fine art. Doing scalping requires a lot of intuition on the part of the trader. So first try one currency pair when you trade using the Forex Ultra Scalper software. Develop your intuition  and feel the pulse of a scalping trade on the demo account first. If you are comfortable with trading EURUSD pair, you can try that first and later on add a few more pairs.

Forex Ultra Scalper Signal Generator-False Signals Filter Plus The Ultra Smart Prediction Technology

This Forex Ultra Scalper Software uses a system known as the Signal Generator-False Signals Filter. The moment you will load this software on the M1 chart, it will start analyzing the market based on the past price action. It will do computations and develop a few scenarios for the possible future price action. These computations are made quite rapidly and updated minute by minute so that the predictions can become even more precise and accurate. The signal for the order is generated at the most optimal point. The software uses Ultra Smart Prediction Technology that helps in blocking the false signals using the Filter Block. This Filter Block analyses many things like the time of the day and the market activity at that time of the day and the dynamics of the quotation activity at that time is compared with that at the same time the day before. It also compared the volume, spread as well the as convergence and divergence. Using convergence divergence means that most of the signals will be leading and not lagging in nature. This is something good!

Now, when you do scalping, you need to be very careful with the spread. What you need are small spreads so that you are profitable while scalping. Most brokers will try to widen the spreads and come up again and again with requotes not opening your order. Plus there can be plain and simple cheating by the brokers. When your forex robot becomes profitable, the broker will cause sudden spikes in price action to take out the stop and make the forex robot unprofitable. So you need to be careful.

Rita Lasker has come around this problem with this Forex Ultra Scalper manual system. So, when thousands of traders make manual trades, the broker wont know because it is difficult to put together the action of thousands of traders. Some will open the trades while others maynot. Each trade will be unique and the broker will not be able to find a pattern. So, when you trade with this Forex Ultra Scalper software choose the broker with the minimal spread. A word of caution: Don’t use an ECN broker. ECN brokers take disproportionate large commissions for each order that are in most cases larger than the spreads offered by most Non ECN brokers. If you get interested, you can try the Forex Ultra Scalper RISK FREE for 30 days on your demo account!


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