FREE FX Trading Robot-Profitable Forex Scalping System By Camilla Lindberg That Has A Win Rate Of 96%!

This FREE FX Trading Robot has been developed by Camilla Lindberg and her team of programmers. This FREE FX Trading Robot has a win rate of 96%.  This robot targets a specific pattern in the forex market that is the result of the behavior of forex dealers. This pattern has been occuring for a long time and will continue to occur in the future. This behavioral pattern appears on the daily basis and will continue to do so for many more years. Camilla Lindberg has not disclosed what is this behavioral pattern. She says that the trading strategy is mostly proprietary that she cannot disclose. She however says that this robot uses multiple indicators based on price action that are used to predict the trend for the next few hours. The trade is made by this robot using multiple timeframe analysis using a moderate stop loss. These trades are scalping trades that are quick and fast and the win rate is as high as 95%. What she says is that out of 41 currency pairs that were tested, this behavioral pattern works best on the EURUSD, EURCHF, USDCHF and USDCAD pairs.

Camilla Lindberg has been trading for more than 8 years. She has worked in the investment banks and is privy to the trading strategies used by the big funds in the Asia Pacific region. She lost money in the first 2 years of her trading, then she broke even for the next 2 years and for the last 3 years she has been trading forex profitably. Camilla Lindberg has the experience of developing trading software for small hedge funds, investment advisors, proprietary trading groups, brokers and high net worth individuals. She has developed this FREE FX Trading Robot with the help of 5 programmers.

FREE Forex Scalping Robot

You can download the FREE Forex Scalping Robot when you will try to close the page, you will get a message to stay on the page. When you click on that you will be taken to the FREE Forex Scalping Robot download page.You can try the FREE version on your demo account. You can take a detailed look at the live trading performance of this FREE Forex Scalping Robot posted on MT4i Live. In 148 days of trading, this robot made a monthly gain of 7.4% and a weekly return of 1.7% with a profit factor of 46.28%. This FREE Forex Scalping Robot is fully customizable meaning that you can customize the stop loss, take profit as well as the position sizing. There is a build in stop loss for every trade made. You can adjust this stop loss level. There is a premium version of this FREE FX Trading Robot that you can download for $97. This premium version of the FREE FX Trading Robot was able to turn a deposit of $5K into $95.6K in less than six months of live trading on the four currency pairs mentioned above. However, we would suggest, you first try out the FREE Forex Scalping Robot version.

Testing FREE FX Trading Robot

The Strategy Tester Reports for the four currency pairs have been posted by Camilla for the premium version. The modelling quality is 90%. What we suggest, in case you get interested in test driving this robot is to first do a back test with a modelling quality of 99%. What you get in a back test of 99% modelling quality is much more accurate as compared to a modelling quality of 90%. If you don’t know how to do a back test with a modelling quality of 99%, please read one of our earlier posts where we explain how you can do it. Change the settings to see what are the best settings that give the highest return with the lowest risk. Once you get good results with a modelling quality of 99%, you should forward test this robot on a demo account for a period of one month with the best settings that you discovered in back testing. Note what was the return made and what was the max drawdown. If forward test does go well, you can trade live with this FREE FX Trading Robot with a deposit of $250!



  • Zenaida

    March 12, 2013

    If i close the page theres no message to download the scalping robot. It just closed the page. Help. Send me link to my email do I can download the free scalping robot. Thanks

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