What Is ATR Average True Range Indicator Video Tutorials

Average True Range (ATR) indicator is not used much by many traders. But those who use ATR regard it as one of the best indicators in their arsenals. So what is Average True Range? ATR is an indicator that tries to measure the volatility in the market. This indicator was developed by J. Welles Wilder for the commodities market. But it can be used in the currency market as well as other markets. You should watch these videos below that explain what is ATR indicator and how you are going to use it in your trading. The video explains how to calculate the Average True Range.

This is another good video on ATR!

This video explains how to use Average True Range in your trading system!

This video explains how to use ATR to measure risk in forex trading!

This is the second video!

This video explains how to make your trading plan using ATR!

This video explains how to use ATR in different markets!


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